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Appliances and prevention of water damage

Burke’s Restoration Brampton knows that performing several maintenance tasks periodically can help to greatly reduce the threat of water damage. You can easily prevent it from happening with a few good practices and a focus on your appliances.

Faulty pipes and appliances are the most common reason for water damage to your home and commercial property. Hoses and pipes should be checked regularly for signs of damage like cracks and bulges. Here are some other insights on water damage prevention with a focus on your appliances.


flood water damage restorationWater Heaters

Hot water tanks are commonly positioned right by a floor drain or inside a drain pan connected to the floor drain because they can leak and flood your property. Over time water sediment rests on the bottom of your water tank and hardens causing rust and cracks in the tank. High heat pressure and excessive sediment will cause the glass liner to crack allowing water to come in contact with the steel tank and rust to set in. Eventually the tank will leak water or even burst.

Have your water heater regularly maintained by an expert technician who will flush out the sediment and if necessary replace the sacrificial anode rod. The anode rod helps to keep the tank from rusting out. The rust accumulates on the sacrificial anode first thereby, sparing the tank itself. Hence, the label “sacrificial” anode is used.


Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Most leaks from dishwashers and washing machines come from broken gaskets and plastic water hoses. Small cracks in plastic hoses eventually lead to broken water hoses and flooding. Damaged hoses can be replaced with high-pressure metal-mesh hoses by a certified technician. Overloading machines is another reason for leaks. Always make sure all appliances are properly leveled.


Fridges and Icemakers

Fridges and icemakers have hoses that need to be checked. Caution is required when pulling out all appliances with hoses. Care must be taken when pushing them back in against a wall. Allow enough room so not to kink the hose or loosen the pipe connection.


Air Conditioners

The most common causes for A/C leaks are clogged drain lines and the overflow drain pan. Condensed water produced by the A/C is collected through a pipe called the drain line and directed outside the residential or commercial property. The drain line can get clogged with dirt, mineral deposits, and even mold, causing water to overflow into the property.

Use a wet-dry vacuum to suck out the water and debris from the drainpipe. The overflow drain pan collects any water and debris that has overflowed due to a clogged drain line. However, drain pans can get cracked and damaged resulting in leaks and water damage. Cracks in drain pans can be filled with epoxy glue. Once the drain line has been cleaned out mix half a cup of warm water and half a cup of bleach and pour into the pipe twice a year. Some air conditioners are installed with an overflow shut off valve on the drain line. This automatically turns off the A/C unit if the drain line backs up.

Air filters should be replaced every month during the cooling season to ensure clean airflow without obstruction. Restricted airflow to the evaporator’s coils can result in water freezing on the coils and then melting, causing water damage.


Showers, Bathtubs, Sinks and Toilets

Look for discoloration and swelling of the areas surrounding your showers and bathtubs, with a focus on the tile grout and tub caulking. It indicates water leaks and mold growth. Remove and replace the hardened and cracked grout together with the tiles and damp wallboard.

Toilet seals can crack and break causing water flooding and mold. Check for signs of water leaking around your toilet and check the ceiling underneath the toilet including surrounding walls for signs of mold and damage.


Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Look under the sinks for signs of water leaks in the pipes regularly. Call a certified plumber to fix any leaks. If you are facing a plumbing emergency call us now 24/7 905-457-2456.


In the case that you already have a flood and water damage in your property call Burke’s Restoration immediately, we serve Brampton, Mississauga and Peel region and offer a 24 hr 7 days response.


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